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Our services

Personal chef services

Our team works with clients individually to understand each person's unique needs and tastes in order to create nutritious and delicious meal plans. We offer in-house or meal drop-off services.

Classes & Workshops

Want to increase your knowledge about cooking and nutrition at the same time? Sign-up for one of our 3-hour workshops or our multi-week classes. Want us to come to your office, home, or school? We can do that too!

Supper club

A group of people who get together on a regular basis (often monthly) to enjoy a themed potluck meal at a specified location. Our supper club highlights beloved cookbooks and chefs from around the globe with an emphasis on healthy and high quality ingredients.

Salad club

An elevated salad-subscription service for the curious. Some á la carte salads are available to order. Visit to learn more.

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