Frequently asked questions


How much does this cost?

It depends on if you get food dropped off or in-home service. Drop-offs start around $50/meal and in-home services start at $200 for 4 hours.

What are your payment options?

We offer online payments (credit cards and bank payments) through our invoicing software, Wave. We can also accept direct deposit through Quickpay with Zelle, Venmo, and Square Cash.

How much do you charge for cooking classes?

Our cooking classes start at $70/person.

What if another family/household member wants to do the service too?

This happens all the time. We add a small fee of $15/meal extra for added time and food cost.

What’s your cancelation policy?

You must give 2 weeks notice for regularly scheduled service changes to receive credit towards future services. Within two weeks you will receive 50% and within 1 week you will receive 25% credit. Less than 24 hours before you will not receive any credit.


Do you accommodate food allergies?

Absolutely. We can make pretty much anything allergen free.

How long do drop off meals last?

3-5 days. All of our meals including reheating instructions and expiration dates.

Where do you make the food for drop-offs?

Our commercially certified kitchen space is located at 135 N Kedzie in The Hatchery, food incubator. Our kitchen is private and sealed off to anyone besides us. Our kitchen is located in a corridor of the building that is gluten-free.

Where do you source your ingredients?

All of our ingredients are organic. We source from Natural Direct, a commercial supplier at Whole Foods. In season, we shop our fresh produce exclusively at the farmer’s market. Our menus and ingredients change with the season. We will also supplement with Whole Foods, Costco, Plum Market, and Fresh Thyme.

How will you know which foods I like?

At the beginning of every client relationship we send you on-boarding documents to help us get to know your preferences. One of the documents is a food preferences survey. We look at that, your goals, and our intake notes to create a menu that is specific to your needs and likes.


Will you cook for me in my house or drop off?

We can do either! Our services are customizable to your weekly needs.

What is the minimum amount of meals for a drop off?

You must order at least 3 meals for one drop off.

Do you do one-off services or is it a longer commitment?

All of our services are on a monthly basis. We will occasionally accommodate for one-off services at a higher rate.

What if I need to reschedule a service?

Let us know immediately, and we will try to fit you into our next available time slot.

Will you provide reheating instructions for a meal?

Yes, all meals come with heating instructions based on your re-heating preferences.

How often will you drop off meals?

We can drop off food as much as you’d like. There is a 3 meal minimum. We not drop off on Sundays.

Are you a licensed professional?

Our founder, Sarah Russo, is a holistic certified personal chef with a BA in Social Work and Political Science. Sarah’s staff is well trained and experienced in the food industry.