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Because healthy food can be delicious.

Chicago's holistic personal chef service.

We're here to help you navigate the noise of today's health and nutrition information while connecting you to the food that will transform your life. 


Our kitchen is 100% organic. Everything is fresh and made from scratch. Animal proteins are grass-fed, pasture-raised, and wild-caught. We can accommodate any dietary restrictions.

  • Personal Chef - Delivered
    Let us take the worry out of meal prep. We'll create a meal plan specific to your needs, and make those meals with the highest quality ingredients. All meals are delivered in reusable containers with clear reheating instructions.
  • Personal Chef - At home
    Enjoy a gourmet and nutritious meal in the comfort of your own home. Our chefs can cook for immediate consumption, to stock your fridge for the week, or anything in between. NOTE: As of February 20th, 2023, we are on a waitlist for in-home clients.
  • Online Meal Delivery
    An elevated weekly subscription AND non-subscription service for the curious. This is a great option for people looking to eat healthy and high quality foods at home, but are not looking for a full service personal chef. The meals range from $10-$20 each. Head to to learn more.
  • Nutrition Services
    We’ve got the food covered for you, most of the time. If you are looking to expand your food and nutrition knowledge to help you make the best decisions when we aren’t able to feed you, if you have specific health + wellness and/or fitness goals you are looking to achieve or are looking to make lasting positive lifestyle changes, we’ve got you covered. You can work one-on-one with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to expand your knowledge, meet your goals and improve your quality of life.
  • Classes & Workshops
    Want to increase your knowledge about cooking and nutrition at the same time? Sign-up for one of our classes or workshops. NOTE: We have discontinued our classes for now. We will be re-opening classes in April 2023 at our NEW location.
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Our clients

We work with you to learn your unique food preferences and create the perfect menu.

  • Athletes

  • Functional food believers

  • Busy professionals

  • People in recovery

  • Busy health-centered families

  • People with dietary restrictions

  • People with specific health goals

Want to give a unique and thoughtful gift to someone?

Gift them the experience of healthy, delicious food prepared by a personal chef.

"She worked her magic to create an attractive, interesting and delicious assortment."

"I hired Sarah to cater a party featuring hearty appetizers and she worked her magic to create an attractive, interesting and delicious assortment. Her attention to detail was wonderful, even making mayonnaise from scratch. I recommend Chef Sarah!"

— Linda J. Chicago

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